The Unique Investment Opportunity

  • Unique approach to cancer (with Proof of Concept)
  • IP 100% owned
  • Cost-effective development model
  • Early pharma interest
  • Huge market, multiple cancers
  • Multiple exit routes

Why Our Drug Design Approach is Unique

Our drug is designed to bind only when our target is shed from the cancer tumor cell:


  • Target is found in both blood cancers and solid tumors
  • Safety is built-in, less toxicity expected
  • Stimulates immune system rather than targeting tumor cells directly
  • Balanced approach predicted to “not” over-stimulate immune system
  • Limits further immune suppression induced by shed ligands
  • No overlapping MOA (mechanism of action)….potential for other therapeutic combinations (large pharma has huge interest in single and combo therapies)

Things You May Want to Know:

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Note: We are a Monoclonal Antibody Drug

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