Novelogics Biotechnology Inc.

The Opportunity:

We are a pre-clinical stage biotech company developing innovative antibody immunotherapies for cancer using a novel “Interceptor” approach. Oncology immunotherapy sales are steadily growing and predicted to generate $111B per year by 2020.

The Technology:

Novelogics has identified an overlooked area in cancer biology that we believe represents a missing piece of the ‘cancer puzzle’. Unlike antibody drugs that attach directly to the cancer cell surface, our proprietary “antibody immunotherapy” acts as an “Interceptor” of unattached immunosuppressive proteins that have the capacity to shut down critical cancer-killing immune cells.


Co-Founder Dr. Wayne Cheney has over 28 years of combined R&D experience with 18 years in the biopharmaceutical industry and another 10 years performing research in academic and government labs in both Canada and the U.S. Significantly, 12 years of his R&D experience have focused directly on oncology.

We are seeking staged investments and/or partnerships to advance our program.

Potential Partners & Investors are invited to contact us.