The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Why are we Unique?

We are a pre-clinical stage biotech company developing innovative antibody immunotherapies for cancer using a novel “Interceptor” approach. Our antibodies bind only to specific immunosuppressive proteins that are released from cancer cells (soluble ligands), and not to the cell surface-bound versions. This treatment is predicted to be effective towards multiple types of cancers and has safety built into the design of the drug, thereby minimizing the likelihood of unwanted side effects. Our current studies have demonstrated efficacy in repeated prostate cancer models in mice.

Why Invest in Novelogics?


  • New “Interceptor” Approach: We have developed a panel of innovative monoclonal antibodies that bind predictably to a unique target.


  • Tougher to copy: IP-protected biologic antibody drugs are more difficult to copy and produce compared to small molecule chemical drugs, thus creating stronger barriers to entry.

  • Intellectual Property is unencumbered, 100% owned and assigned to company: 3 PCT patents pending that include antibody composition of matter and method of use in treating cancer.


  • Our drug target is found in both blood and solid tumors and has potential for platform: Our antibodies are patent pending also for use in treating HIV & RSV, as our soluble drug target has been identified in both these infectious diseases.


  • Lean business model with low overhead and minimal burn-rate. The majority of our funds go directly to scientific R&D and company value creation.

  • Novelogics is an Eligible Business Corporation (EBC) which allows eligible British Columbia investors to receive a 30% tax credit while available.

We are seeking staged investments and/or partnerships to advance our program.

Potential Partners & Investors are invited to contact us.